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Students - Posture, Stress and Yoga 18th January

Why Students should do Yoga!

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Are you worried or anxious about student life? Are exams are stressing you out? Are you missing home? Do you struggle to get up in the morning and be productive? Or are you just finding that your posture is starting to look a bit like Quasimodo?

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Wellbeing Quiz - BEING the best version of YOU 10th January

Yoga, Health and Wellbeing Quiz


Here is a little quiz, just to see where your thinking is in 2018.   Being aware of what makes your the best version of you, will help with all those bumps that you will encounter this years.  SO YOU CAN LOOK BACK AT 2018, WITH A BIG 'I DID IT' AN AIR FIST PUMP.


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Cycling and Yoga 9th December

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Yoga can help a cyclist’s performance, but you will need to get off your bike and onto a yoga mat!


Yoga and time will teach us strength, stability and mind/ breathe control.   A strong core can make a better cyclist but just cycling does not make your core strong.   Cyclist normally focus on cardio work and leg strength, which some forms of yoga target to.   Yet yoga also focuses on flexibility, core strength, mind / breath control and lower back strength.

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Yoga For lower back pain 15th November

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Today we live in a world that on the surface seems to live in the moment, fast changing and more connected and exciting than ever. But the reality for most of us is that we have less face to face interactions with one another than ever before.

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Technology brings back pain 18th October

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Why do we suggest you stretch daily?  Well, lets be honest it is because we slough! We have bad posture, from looking at phones with our heads bowed forward, to our computer screen and mouse being in the wrong position.   Some of us are virtually horizontal while sitting or watching TV.    

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Having trouble Sleeping? 9th September

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Many people come into my classes or sessions concerned about the amount of sleep that they are getting!   Asking for help around relaxing and destressing.   So, how can we change this cycle?

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Why Businesses are doing wellbeing 18th May

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Wellbeing in the workplace is evolving. It is proving benefits to employees beyond what has been seen as their immediate physical health.

Yoga and mindfulness is changing employees lives for the better and through future studies could definitively be proven to raise creativity, reduce absenteeism and reduce stress. Here 6 areas where people are being benefits and why.

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Yoga and Mindfulness for Primary Schools 12th April

Yoga Kids

What is yoga and why should kids do it?

Our children live in a hurried up world of school lessons, computer games, sports and extra curricular activities.  Additional they experience the world as a continuous stream of data which can give instant gratification and emotional dilemmas.    

We don't usually think of these influences as stressful for our children, but they often are.  This non stop pace can have a profound effect of their lives and their sense of joy -  often for the worst.

Yoga provides an antidote to these pressures, giving children techniques for relaxation and inner fulfilment,  as well as encouraging self-esteem and body awareness in a non competitive environment. Through focusing on the breath and movement they can maintain flexibility, build strength and coordination as well as core stability and body awareness.  Allowing their concentration and sense of calmness to improve.

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Yoga and mindfulness for teachers 23rd March


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Teaching is like most professions there are many pressures to cope with on a daily basis.   Not least the government standards, which continuously change and they are assessed against, also the parents and pupils needs, school standards and changing child protection legislation.   it is no longer a 9am to 3.30pm job, as some parents still think.    In the United Kingdom,  67% of teachers said that the workload was negatively affecting their physical and mental health.  So what can you do about it?

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2017 is the year for mens yoga 16th February

IS 2017 the year for Mens Yoga?

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Men need yoga as much as their female counterparts and they are finding that it gives them many benefits beyond just physical strength.  Here are 5 reasons why men are joining the revolution.

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